Foreign Air – Tickets – U Street Music Hall – Washington, DC – April 12th, 2019

Foreign Air

9:30 presents at U Street Music Hall

Foreign Air


Fri, April 12, 2019

7:00 pm

U Street Music Hall

Washington, DC


This event is all ages

Foreign Air
Foreign Air

Jesse Clasen and Jacob Michael are ready to get inside of your minds. The duo call themselves Foreign Air and are a different breed of cat from all the other acts that are out there.
The two currently split their time between New York (Clasen) and Washington DC (Michael) – initially establishing their friendship while playing in different bands. “One night, I watched Jesse perform and I was really intrigued by his voice and some of the stuff he was doing. We kept in touch and got to know each other over the years. We became really good friends.” Jesse followed up by saying, “With Jacob, we played just one show and it went really well. We kept in contact with each other. Over the years, it just developed into a friendship. We shared music online through Dropbox. Whenever I was in D.C. playing with different bands, he would come and hang out. Whenever he was around my area we would go to shows together. Sleep on each other’s couches. This project just kind of happened. I don’t think it was planned at all.”
Coming together as Foreign Air has been a life-changing experience for the duo. Jacob notes, “For me personally, putting out the first song ‘Free Animal’ on SoundCloud has changed my life in a really big way. Prior to that, I came from more of a live music background. Playing different live music instruments. We are into rock music and hip hop. A lot of different genres that you wouldn’t think go together. Jesse adds, “This project has been a lot about using new tools and really diving into it. We are taking that whole mindset of songwriting from more of the ‘90s hip hop that we grew up listening to as ‘80s babies. Instead of finding records to sample, we are writing songs like we have always done with real drums, guitars and bass. Then we try to figure out how to chop it up and put them across pads and pitch them differently and see how a song can completely change. This is a new world for both of us.”
The entire catalogue of music the duo have created together, including that first song “Free Animal” all the way through their most recent release “Turning”, has been streamed over 50 million times on Spotify and Apple. The music has soundtracked global advertising campaigns for Samsung, Nike, Vodafone, Microsoft and many other brands in addition to television features on Showtime, ABC, TNT, Vice and Fox. While it’s difficult to nail down the exact genre, Billboard Magazine calls the music “Transcendent Indie-Rock-Meets-Electronica with a penchant for forceful guitars and haunting vocals”.
Jesse goes on to mention “Getting together in a room in my house and ironing out details and rearranging things. Then we took a hard dive all over the place from New York to LA to Washington D.C. to different studios owned by my friends. Different situations where we would look around the room and see what we could add to the songs. In some places it would be taking out a midi piano and replacing with a real grand piano that might have been in that specific room. Just trying to tie it all together with certain sounds. I think that might be something only we can hear. We started in the bedroom and took it around the country to see how it could develop. We would revert back if we didn’t like where it went. It was a very open process where we tried to make the best song that we can.” The party is only getting started for the guys as they have their sights focused on the road and new music.

Today, Honors release their debut full-length album Feel Better, a rock infused, hip-hop powered, pop leaning catalogue that rides the rollercoaster of life, from struggles to successes, and everything along the way.

For Honors, it’s been a long, winding road that led to this project. The members have been playing together in various bands since they were 12 years old.

When their initial project split up, lead vocalist Patrick Gillett fell into a deep depression, and life threatening substance abuse. It was the other members of the band who literally broke into his apartment after he had stopped communicating, and found him unresponsive, and in need of emergency assistance.

Tyler Armes (keys) took Patrick to Los Angeles in order to seek treatment, and be his protector, staying around the clock to help ensure his sobriety. It was in that time period, they began writing the songs that appear on Feel Better as a way of coping with their disappointment in their collective failures, and to act as a point of motivation to continue to pursue their shared dream. That message, and those themes resonate throughout the album, and is really the story behind Feel Better.

Honors hope that by sharing their story in a an open and honest way, that it will inspire listeners to look for the light in hard times and carry on.

The new album features recent hits “Compromise”, title-track “Feel Better”, fan favorite “Valleys”, and the #1 Global Viral Spotify chart hit “Over”. “Feel Better” was featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday, Apple’s Best Of The Week, and playlists from Complex Magazine and CloudKid.

Honors’ sound has been described as “dazzling alternative R&B full of superb vocal harmonies” (Huffington Post). Originally from Toronto, they divide time between home and Los Angeles. Before the founding of Honors, its members have collaborated with everyone from Timbaland to Boi 1da, Illangelo, and Ludwig Goransson.

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Venue Information:
U Street Music Hall
1115 U Street NW
Washington, DC, 20009